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The Polyamide Technology and Development Center of SINOPEC

The Polyamide Technology and Development Center of China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC) set up in 1985, its office and R&D base are established in Balin Petrochemical Corporation. Its main task is, under the leadership of SINOPEC, to plan and order coordinately the research, engineering development and applications of polyamide monomer, resins, fibers, process (including fibers and engineering plastics) and additives; organize to develop novel products, new processes and technologies; engage on the polyamide business investigations, technology consultants and services; collect polyamide science and technology informations, organize and hold academic exchange at home and abroad; to run technology training and press 《Polyamide Communications》.

Company : Technology Development Center for Polyamide of SINOPEC
Add: Research Institute of Yueyang General Petrochemical Works ,
Yueyang city, Hunan province, PR China
Post Code : 414007
Fax : 0086-730-8501648
Tel: 0086-730- 8501614
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